Bidding Prayers 04 October 2020

Dear Lord, help us to live by your son’s example. Help us to draw closer to Jesus Christ through thoughtful prayer. We place all our trust, hope and faith in you. Hear our prayers. 

On the Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi let us pray to be better Christians. Like St Francis, let us get closer to the human Jesus and live our lives through kindness.

As the world’s coronavirus death toll crosses one million let us pray for all those that have departed and are now seated in the Kingdom of Heaven. May they enjoy eternal peace. We pray for their families and loved ones.

Let us pray for NHS workers. As hospitals and GP surgeries struggle to cope with new admissions and the backlog of appointments we pray that health workers will be restored and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray for families that are separated due to lockdown restrictions. May they remain hopeful for better days ahead. 

Let us pray for all those who working tirelessly in the Church to keep the faithful nourished. We thank them for all their efforts, time and resources. We keep them in our prayers.

Heavenly Father, cast your loving light upon us that we may bask in your great glory. Walk beside us as we place you above all else. Amen.