Bidding Prayers 06 September 2020

Heavenly Father, hear graciously the prayers we make in your name. We worship and glorify you, we give thanks for your eternal glory.

 “Let us pray that the planet’s resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner.”

We pray for school communities as they once again come together to start the new academic year. May pupils rejoice in reuniting with their friends and receive the catch-up support they need to get back on track with their learning. We give thanks for great teachers and appreciate all they do to inspire young minds.

We pray for those starting university and leaving home for the first time. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect them on their new path, helping them to be happy, healthy individuals.

We pray for parents whose children are off to university, fleeing the nest for the first time. Comfort parents and ease their worrying as they witness their children grow in independence.

We pray for migrants and those that are risking their lives to flee the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Let us remember the fears, sorrow and horror all refugees suffer and not forget that we all belong to the same human family.

We pray for families facing poverty. Let government officials, business leaders and supermarkets work together to identify a long-term solution to end child poverty in the UK.

We pray for those who need ongoing medical treatment who are forced to wait at this time. May the Holy Spirit watch over them and their families, keeping them positive and patient.

We pray for those recently bereaved. May we hold in our hearts all those whose families or friends have died. May we comfort each other even as we keep apart.

Loving Lord, we open our hearts to you. Look upon us in your mercy and forgive us our failings. Amen.