Bidding Prayers 10th January

Gracious Father protect us during this New Year and throughout our lives. Hear these prayers which we make through Christ, our Lord.

Let us pray for all those working in education settings as they quickly adapt to new ways of teaching. May they maintain the virtues of perseverance and courage to inspire all children, especially those that are disadvantaged.

Let us pray that the vaccine roll-out will run smoothly and effectively. We give thanks to those that are working tirelessly to administer the injection and pray for its success

Let us pray or those living in pain and sorrow. As routine hospital appointments and operations are cancelled may the Holy Spirit provide courage and comfort to those worn down by daily discomfort.

Let us pray for those working in retail. As lockdown continues to keep people at home, we pray for businesses owners, and their employees, that are worried about their financial future.

Let us pray for the people of America as they face unrest and chaos from supporters of opposing political viewpoints. May 2021, and the new president, bring unity, peace, and respect to all communities.

Let us pray for a strong, personal faith life throughout 2021. Let us draw on our own personal experiences to grow and develop becoming advocate Christian disciples.

Loving Father, we hold you sacred in our hearts. Stay close to us throughout this year as we devote ourselves to you.  Amen.