Bidding Prayers 13 September 2020

Loving Lord, the focus of our love and worship, we serve you in joy and thankfulness for all you have done for us. Hear our prayers that we bring before you.

As we enter a new phase of Coronavirus legislation, we pray that the public in England will be willing to follow this new instruction which will prevent the 

Let us prayand celebrate the cross of Jesus as the instrument of salvation. Let us think about our own crosses we have to bear in life, remembering Jesus’ symbol of faith and his victory over death.

We pray for the migrants sleeping rough on the island of Lesbos after fire destroyed their overcrowded camp. As we rest in our comfortable beds let us remember those sleeping rough in roads or fields and living in squalor.

We pray for the protection of wildlife populations which have fallen by more than two-thirds in less than 50 years. Let us all protect our common home and do all we can to safeguard our forests, oceans and wildlife habitats.

We pray for families struggling to rebuild their lives following the death of a loved one through suicide. Let us reach out to those that we know are struggling to comfort, guide and support them.  Let us pray for a world where fewer people die from suicide.

We pray for those in the US state of Oregon battling record-breaking wildfires, which have destroyed at least five towns. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect families, emergency service workers and all those that have lost their homes.

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.