Bidding Prayers – 16th May

Heavenly Father, as we ready ourselves for your great coming, hear our prayers that we bring before you.

We pray as we  are reminded that, “Jesus is with us at all times although we may not know it”. Sometimes we may experience a spiritual struggle as many other facets of our lives compete with our prayer time. Help us to always persevere and commit ourselves to talking to God.

We pray that the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis will swiftly come to an end before more people, including innocent children, are killed. May those in positions of power make compassionate decisions to prevent the killing of many more innocents.

Today, as we mark World Communication Day, let us be Christian evangelists in our everyday lives. Let us greet people in the manner of Jesus with open hearts, smiles and kindness. Help us to encounter and embrace all people, especially those that need lifting the most.

We pray for all volunteers that so kindly gave up their time to help people over the course of the pandemic; those who delivered food to the isolated, assisted at vaccine centres, worked with vulnerable children. We give thanks for their generous hearts and the contribution they made to our communities.

We pray for all families that are reuniting after months apart. May they enjoy and cherish seeing their loved ones faces and be blessed with many happy memories to be made.

As we approach Pentecost, let us reflect upon the Holy Spirit in our own lives. Let us take a moment for prayerful reflection…

Loving Lord, keep us close as we are guided through life by Jesus Christ, your Son, who reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.