Bidding Prayers – 1st November

God of life, as we begin the month of November, we celebrate living saints and also those who have gone before us. We remember that we are all united in your undying love as we bring our prayers before you.

Let us pray for governments, scientists and frontline workers trying to address the complexities of the coronavirus pandemic: may they work together to bring recovery and protection to those who are sick, vulnerable and in need of support.

Let us pray for all those men, women and children who are generously giving of their time and energy in order to help others: may God reward, bless and protect them.

Let us pray for anybody experiencing job insecurity and possible unemployment: may they and their families find peace of mind and security at this time.

Let us pray for the people of the United States of America as they elect a President and government who will lead them during the next four years: may they vote with wisdom and help to build a world of peace, understanding and hope.

Let us pray for our deceased family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances:

may they be enjoying the fullness of eternal life and love in heaven.

Father God, with your Son and Holy Spirit, we praise and thank you because you are with us at every moment of our lives, past, present and to come. Amen.