Bidding Prayers 20th December

Loving Father, in this last week of Advent, let us think about the joy that we will feel on Christmas day when your only son came into the world.

Let us pray for a healthy and peaceful Christmas. As coronavirus cases creep up let us remain cautious and vigilant to ensure we protect those we love. Let us give thanks to NHS workers that will continue working over the Christmas break tending to those in their care.

Let us pray for all teachers and those working in education settings. As the end of term approaches, on what has been a most turbulent year, we give thanks for their continued effort, inspiration, and motivation to help students and pupils continue their learning.

Let us pray for those that are homeless. During these cold, dark winter nights let us think of those that are lonely, isolated and sleeping in unsheltered conditions. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect them and keep them safe. 

Let us pray for our church during this special season of Advent. We give thanks to our clergy and all those that continue to keep our parish communities flourishing, connected and nourished.

Let us pray and remember seafarers and their families on this Sea Sunday. Let us give thanks for their lives and work. May the Holy Spirit protect seafarers on their long voyages across the oceans and provide comfort to families in their absence.

Let us pray for a moment for our own personal petitions this Advent…

Heavenly King, let us follow the Star of Bethlehem this Advent and prepare for the coming of Jesus’ birth. Guide us with your never-ending love and compassion as we place all our trust and hope in you.  Amen.