Bidding Prayers – 20th June

Lord God, when Jesus calmed the storm, the apostles were amazed to discover that even the wind and sea would obey his word. Jesus asked why they were frightened and told them to have faith in him. Filled with faith, we come before you with our prayers, knowing that you have the answers we need.

Let us pray for all religious leaders. May they steer the people in their care to safety and peace.

Let us pray for all fathers. May God bless and reward them for their gift of life, many acts of kindness and their loving support.

Let us pray for people in local, national and international governments. May they be sensitive to their responsibilities to care for the environment and to ensure safe water supplies for their constituents.

Let us pray for seafarers across the word. When they meet stormy waters, may they find a safe harbour. May those who are threatened with poor working conditions find the security which they and their families need.

Let us pray for all who are infected and affected by Covid. May those who are sick recover their health and may font-line workers find the support they need during these days of uncertainty.

Let us pray everyone who is faced with new job insecurity as the Covid restrictions are extended. May they find answers to their questions and security of employment.

Let us pray for students who are sitting exams at this time. May the Holy Spirit inspire them to give of their best and to move towards the future of their hopes and dreams.

Lord God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, be with us and with all those whom we know and love, you who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.