Bidding Prayers – 21st February

Loving Lord, throughout Lent let us remain faithful to Jesus’ teaching of love and compassion. Let us come to you in daily prayer and conversation. Let us walk through Lent with open hearts, listening ears and loving hearts.

We pray that the UK’s collective sacrifice during the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a better future. One where our youth can flourish with new opportunities and a society with less inequalities and injustices.

As we prepare to enter a new season may we become more aware and appreciative of the wonder of creation. Help us to become guardians of our local landscapes by taking care of our green spaces and treading thoughtfully.

We pray for ourselves this Lent that we may continue to observe our Lenten resolutions and be led, by the Holy Spirit, to a deeper, more meaningful, faith life.

We remember all those who have departed this life and are now seated in the Kingdom of Heaven. We give thanks for their life and wish them eternal happiness.

We pray for those in our community, family or friendship groups that are ill, suffering or ailing in any way. May the Holy Spirit bless, protect, and restore them.

We pray for those in the world with little access to food or clean water. Let us live with charitable hearts so we can help all people have the chance to live life to their full potential.

Lord God, we give thanks for your never-ending love and compassion. Amen.