Bidding Prayers 21st March

Lord God, the coming of your Son, Jesus, into the world provided salvation for all. Help us follow the light this Lent, opening our hearts to God’s infinite love.

We pray for Sarah Everard and her family and friends. May women, across the globe, be safe to wonder and live without the threat of violence or harm.

As several European countries pause their roll-out of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab we pray safety experts can offer reassurance to ensure the worldwide roll-out of the vaccine can continue safely.

This week as we mark The Annunciation of the Lord our thoughts turn to all mothers and fathers that are embarking on the journey of parenthood. May they be guided by the Holy Spirit to be inspiring role models for their children.

We pray for all those that feel persecuted, be that through their race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise. Let us all be leading examples of kind-hearted, compassionate, caring people of God. Let us stand-up for those that are unfairly treated, let us uphold Christian virtues to help all those in need.

We pray for all those that are worried about their mental health and feeling scared and lonely. Let us reach out to those that we know are suffering and struggling. Let us be beacons of hope and understanding for them as they seek the professional help they need.

Heavenly King, be with us as we journey to Easter. Help us to prepare for Your ultimate sacrifice as we ready ourselves for Your passion. Amen.