Bidding Prayers 24th January

Loving God, we draw strength from you through these difficult days. Enrich our daily lives by bringing us closer to your son, Jesus Christ. 

Let us pray for all volunteers that give up their time for the well-being of others, especially those that are enlisting to assist with coronavirus testing and the vaccine roll-out.

Let us pray for the sick and vulnerable in our communities. May they receive the care, attention and support they need during these difficult days.

Let us pray for those currently suffering from the Coronavirus, both at home and in hospital. May they find the strength to fight, the hope to recover and the peace to rest.

Let us pray for all those that have had to evacuate their homes due to severe flooding. May the Holy Spirit bless and protect them as they seek alternative shelter.

Let us pray for the people of America as their new president begins his term. May the country unite under its new leader and may President Biden use his executive power as a force of good for all.

Let us pray that all nations will step up their commitment to climate action in the face of rising temperatures and natural disasters.

Heavenly King, we give thanks for you every day of our lives. Please bless and protect those we love and cherish. Amen.