Bidding Prayers – 25th April

Jesus, Lord, you are the Good Shepherd. You know each one of us and call us to know you ever more truly, ever more deeply. We come to you today, offering you our hearts and our lives. Take them, Lord, and use them as your own.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to watch over, protect and bless all bishops. May they care for the Church with love, sensitivity and compassion so that many people will find safety and hope.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to be very close to Queen Elizabeth and all those who are mourning the loss of someone they love. May they find the comfort and support they need as they look towards a new and possibly uncertain future.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to guide people in government as we look towards the upcoming local and mayoral elections. May candidates and their teams rise above Party politics and work for the good of the people they are called to serve.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to lead shepherds, farmers and growers as they work to provide us with food. May their efforts be rewarded with healthy livestock, good harvests and the market they need to continue their work on our behalf.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to be with us as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of our impact on the natural world and our environment. May we forget our differences and work together to nurture recovery in our fragile, beautiful world.

Let us ask the Good Shepherd to shelter us, our families, friends and everyone who is dear to us. May we grow closer to each other and to our amazing God.

Amazing God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, lead us. Guide us. Bring us safely home to you, who live and reign forever in our heavenly home. Amen.