Bidding Prayers – 26th May

We raise our prayers to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, asking for strength, healing and grace in our lives, today and always.

We ask that the leaders of troubled nations might become peacemakers. May they begin to negotiate and strive for lasting peace and may the children whose lives are affected learn to smile again.

As the contaminated blood scandal hits the headlines, we pray for all those whose lives and livelihoods have been blighted by corporate injustice. We pray for everyone involved, asking God to soften the hearts of those who attempt cover up the truth, even while others suffer and grieve. We pray for justice and truth to prevail, as well as for those whose stories go unheard.

We lift before the Lord those who are suffering from illness, pain and grief. We ask for Christ’s healing touch, to restore body, mind and spirit. We ask the Holy Spirit to be a comforting presence, bringing peace and recovery. In a moment of silent prayer, we hold in our hearts anyone we know who is suffering, asking God to show us how we can support them in love and friendship.

We pray for unity and understanding in our communities. May we follow the example of the Son in showing one another compassion, wisdom and love. May we rely on God for the courage and resolve to build and sustain strong, Spirit-filled communities – living examples of God’s command to love one another.

We take a moment for our own prayers.

Father, Son, Spirit – we lift our prayers to you in the sure knowledge that you hear us and respond. Strengthen our faith, be the guide of all our thoughts and actions in the coming week, andpour grace into our lives. Amen.