Bidding Prayers – 28th February

Lord our God, your Son Jesus gave Peter, James and John a glimpse of heaven while they were still on earth. We are hungry for your presence in our lives. Knowing your unlimited love for each one of us, we bring before you ourselves, our hearts and all those for whom we care.

We pray for all religious leaders, that they will inspire and cultivate hope and courage in people who are afraid and uncertain as they look beyond the threats of Covid-19.

We pray that all governments will come together in peace and genuine dialogue so that, emerging from the sadness and anxiety of the pandemic, the way ahead might help and support the people who are most in need.

We pray for all those whose education has been disrupted during this period of isolation and the closure of schools, colleges and universities. Be with families, teachers and pupils as they prepare for a return to the classroom. May it be a moment of hope.

We pray in gratitude for the generous self-sacrifice of so many people during the past year, that God will bless and reward their compassionate goodness during a time of crisis.

We pray that the Holy Spirit of Comfort will touch the hearts of all those who have experienced loss during the period of Covid-19 lockdown. Whether it takes the form of bereavement, loneliness or job insecurity, may people find hope, encouragement and support as they rebuild their lives.

We pray for our families, friends and all those whom we love. Watch over, protect and bless them, Lord.

Lord our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we come before you with our hopes and dreams, knowing that you are there for us with your incredible love and compassion. Amen.