Bidding Prayers – 30th May

Loving Father, one God in three beings. We ask You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to hear our prayers that we bring before You.

 “The pandemic has brought to light the cry of nature and that of the poor, who suffer most the consequences. Let us remember that everything is interconnected and interdependent and strive for the health of the environment in which we live.”

We pray that those working in prominent UK Government positions can be virtuous leaders and custodians of truth, honesty, and altruism.  

We pray that local leaders will successfully work together to suppress the Indian Covid variant spreading across key regions in the UK. We pray that hospital cases remain low and those that are most vulnerable will be protected.

We pray for the people of Belarus as the country struggles with an opposition movement, demanding new, democratic leadership and economic reform. May the president lead his country with peace, integrity, and equality.

This week, 1 June, we celebrate Global Day of Parents, a United Nations observance that is celebrated each year to honour parents and their commitment to children worldwide. We take a moment now to pray for our own parental figures and give thanks for their support and encouragement. Help all parents to be faith inspired, role models for their children. 

We pray for the people of the northern district of Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, as Mount Nyiragongo erupted destroying 500 houses and sending thousands fleeing. We pray for the 100 children that are currently still missing. May all be found safe and well, and reunited with their parents.

We pray for those that have recently passed away, leaving behind bereaved family, loved ones and friends. May those that have left this world be greeted by the angels and enjoy eternal rest in heavenly peace. May those left heartbroken by grief be soothed by the Holy Spirit, today and for the difficult months ahead.

Loving Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit walk beside us all the days of our lives. We place all our trust, hopes and dreams in You and thank You for your never-ending love and compassion. Amen