Bidding Prayers – 9th June

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time | Sunday 9 June 2024 | Bidding Prayers

Lord, we raise our prayers to you in the sure knowledge that you hear us. 

Being a peacemaker involves taking risks, we pray for the Holy Father and for all those who work for peace – globally, nationally or in our own communities. We ask God to show us how we, too, can become peacemakers in our own way.

As we approach the General Election, we ask God to pour wisdom and humility into the hearts of those who seek to represent us. With the Holy Spirit as their guide, may they be driven by the desire to serve others, rather than for the sake of self-promotion.

We pray for all those who are taking exams at this time. May their hard work lead to fulfilling occupations, and may they make a meaningful contribution to society.

As news reaches us of a heatwave in parts of India, we pray for all those affected by soaring temperatures. Our heartfelt plea is that humanity might learn to be good custodians of God’s creation, making our world fit for future generations.

We pray for anyone who is lonely or struggling with relationships. We ask God to show them that they are lovable and loved.

We take a moment for our own prayers, remembering in particular those known to us who need the healing hand of God.

Grant us patience and wisdom, Lord, to hear and recognise your response, as we wait for the coming of your kingdom. Amen.