Bidding Prayers – 9th May

Loving Lord, our world is waiting for the coming of your Holy Spirit of love, comfort, support and encouragement at Pentecost. We come before you with our hearts filled with longing for your gift of peace. We bring you the people we know and love, knowing that they are infinitely precious to you.

We bring before the Lord, Pope Francis, as he leads the world in a month of prayer for the end of the pandemic. May his witness of compassion and concern for others inspire compassion and concern in others.

We bring before the Lord the people of India, Brazil and all countries where Covid-19 seems to be outstripping people’s ability to cope with its effects. May the world come together in generous solidarity and bring help to the helpless and struggling, whoever and wherever they might be.

We bring before the Lord the people of this country as we begin to move beyond lockdown. May we all make the right decisions and work together to bring healing and hope. May God bless and reward all those who have given so generously of themselves to help others during a time of anxiety, sickness and isolation.

We bring before the Lord all those who have reasons to celebrate and be joyful. May their happiness increase by the minute.

We bring before the Lord the children and young people whose humour and enthusiasm light up our lives. May they infect our world with their laughter and hope.

We bring before the Lord our families, friends, colleagues and everyone we meet during our daily lives. May each day hold a moment of love and thankfulness.

Loving Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with us. Love in us. Laugh with us. Lead us ever closer to you and to each other. Amen.