Bidding Prayers for Christmas Day

Dear Lord, today a great light has shone down upon the earth. Help us to recognise the “real meaning” of Christmas in all our celebrations. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for Archbishop Justin and Pope Francis as he asks us to never take the Lord’s graces for granted, to always walk a path of conversion, and to be peacemakers at a time in which we have never “felt so great a desire for peace.”

This Christmas, we pray to recognise God in the people around us. Help us to live with open and loving hearts, nurturing our loved ones and all those we meet.

We pray for those that will be experiencing a different Christmas this year. Perhaps they are missing the presence of a loved one, or isolated from friends and family or have a changed circumstance. May the real light of Christmas bring them tidings of joy.

We pray for all new families at this time of year, may each baby born, and each new family unit created, be blessed with peace and happiness.

We pray for those members of our community that serve as our own shepherds and wise men. We give thanks to those that guide and nourish us and those that inspire and teach us.

We pray for all our brothers and sisters around the world, especially those that are living in war, turmoil, and despair. May the Holy Spirit soothe them with hope for better days ahead.

Jesus, today we give forever thanks for your joyful coming. Let us retain the peace and love you bring us at Christmas throughout the coming year. Amen