Bidding Prayers for Christmas

Lord of life and hope, today we joyfully remember that you – like us – were born as a tiny baby who could be cradled in the arms of the people who loved you most. We come before you to celebrate that you came to us in the ups and downs of our sometimes-complicated lives. We bring you our dearest hopes and dreams and the people we will cherish forever and always.

In hope and joy, we bring you all religious leaders. May they continue to encourage us to allow Jesus to be born in our lives and our world.

In hope and joy, we bring you all people in public office, whether local, national or international. May God bless and reward their service on behalf of others and may they work together for security and peace.

In hope and sadness, we pray for all those whose lives are torn apart by war and violence. May there be an end to their suffering and pain and the beginning of new life and hope.

In hope and gladness, we pray for families, especially those who are welcoming a new life into their midst. May they grow in love and unity, and may that love radiate to everybody they meet.

In hope and compassion, we pray for anyone whose Christmas is saddened by bereavement, illness, homelessness, social or financial problems. May they find moments of joy to lighten the darkness.

In hope and appreciation, we pray for caregivers. May they be blessed for their generosity and support.

In hope and laughter, we pray for children as they teach us the joys of simplicity and innocence. May they find love and security wherever they may go.

Lord Jesus, be born in our hearts and our lives. Amen.