Bidding Prayers for Easter Sunday

Today we celebrate our Risen Lord, new life, new hope and new beginnings. Filled with Easter joy, we come before our loving Lord with the hopes and dreams of all who live in our beautiful but fragile world.

We celebrate the efforts of all religious leaders who are peacemakers. May their words be heard as they plead for peace in Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria and other conflict areas of our troubled world.

We celebrate the courage and strength of the people of Ukraine. May there be a just end to their suffering and hardship at this present time.

We celebrate the generosity of the unsung heroes and heroines who work to bring hope to refugees and migrants who have been forced from their homes. May their goodness inspire many people to open their hearts to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

We celebrate the lives of those who are already with the risen Jesus in their heavenly home. May their grieving loved ones find the comfort and strength that they need to face the future with hope.

We celebrate the people who have shown us the true meaning of Easter. May they know the fullness of Easter joy.

We celebrate our families and everyone whom we know and love. May our Risen Lord watch over, protect and bless them this Easter and for the rest of their lives.

Risen Lord, Easter changed our world.  You rose from the dead, bringing us new life and hope in ways beyond anything we could have imagined.  Stay with us. Fill us with your love and help us to spread it to others. We make our prayer celebrating you, your heavenly Father and your Holy Spirit of peace. Amen.