Bidding Prayers for Sunday 10th April

Jesus Christ, today we hear the story of the last week of your ordinary life. Help us to remember everything you did for us, and how you died for us. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We lament the massacre of civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Buchaduring Russia’s occupation of the area, and renew our call for an end to the war in Ukraine. We continue to pray for peace.

We pray for the thousands of people that are fleeing Ukraine’s Donbas as Russia shifts the focus of its attacks to the east of the country. May they be kept safe and greeted with warm shelter.

We are at a crossroads in determining the decisions we make and how we can have a secure and liveable future preventing climate change. Let us find the tools and knowledge required to limit warming and we pray governments act through policies and regulations to support reductions and stimulate innovation.

As the signs that the latest wave of Covid infections may have peaked in children and younger adults, we pray for those in older groups, and those most vulnerable to severe disease, to be protected and that cases in these groups begin to fall.

As bills increase and the cost-of-living soars, we pray for those currently burdened by financial woes. Help us to be grateful for all we have and reach out to help those most in need.

As we enter Passiontide, we take a moment to pray for our own petitions…

Loving Lord, as we follow the events of Holy Week help us to draw closer to our faith. Help us to create intimate conversations with Jesus, your faithful son, as we give forever thanks for his ultimate sacrifice. Amen.