Bidding Prayers for Sunday 10th July

Loving Lord, today you show us that caring for the vulnerable people of this world is often a task which is left to others who are themselves vulnerable and have experienced what it is to need help and to be ignored. Today, as we celebrate Sea Sunday, we remember our own dependence on the work and support of others.

We pray for all religious leaders. May they continue to draw attention to the needs of the poor, vulnerable and struggling people of our world.

We pray for all mariners. May they experience kind weather conditions, good sailing, and a safe return home to their loved ones.

We pray for the families of all seafarers. May they know companionship and support whilst their loved ones are at sea, and may they look forward to a happy, loving reunion when ships return to home shores.

We pray for lifeboat crews, coastguard and airborne search and rescue crews who risk their own lives to save others from shipwreck and drowning. May their generous service be blessed with the courage and insight they need.

We pray for the victims of the war in Ukraine, the floods in Bangladesh and the earthquakes in Afghanistan. May those people who have died have eternal life. May the bereaved be comforted and the traumatised be supported.

We pray for families who are preparing for their summer holiday. May they be filled with happiness and hope.

We pray for ourselves. May we never close our eyes to opportunities to help people who are vulnerable and otherwise forgotten.

Lord God, our life and our hope, be our guiding star on the stormy waters of life. Bring us to safe harbours. Lead us home to your love which is so much greater than we can possibly imagine. Amen.