Bidding Prayers for Sunday 10th October

Lord of the little, the least and the lost, we come before you today, confident of your love which extends far beyond anything we can imagine.  We know that you look into our hearts and see the yearnings which perhaps we ourselves haven’t yet noticed. 

In our world which longs for good leaders, we pray for Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin. May their efforts to promote dignity and respect for all people, regardless of their social status bear rich fruit wherever their words are heard. 

In our world which searches for answers to hard questions, we pray for our government. May wisdom and compassion lead to practical solutions to the economic, social and health problems which the people of this country are facing. 

In our world which yearns for peace, we pray for all those whom the threat of armed conflict drives from their homes. May they find the security and hope they need to rebuild their lives and their families. May there be an end to fighting and bloodshed. 

In our world which values education and regular work, we pray for students and workers. May they discover regular employment and a happy environment in which they can use their talents to the full. 

In our world which faces climate change, we pray for insight and determination. May we cherish our chances to nurture our fragile environment and restore the loveliness which could surround us.   

Lord of life, help us to be instruments of your love and peace in our world. Listen to our prayers which we make to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who create and sustain us in hope, now and forever. Amen.