Bidding Prayers for Sunday 12th December

Today, Lord, we rejoice because we will soon welcome the birth of your Son into our world. John the Baptist proclaimed his coming and, hearing him, we watch and wait for Jesus. 

We rejoice in the leadership of all Christian leaders. May the world listen as they challenge us to create a more compassionate and understanding society.

We rejoice that, at this time of year, we see countless examples of kindness and compassion. May many people be inspired to show concern for those who yearn for encouragement and support.

We rejoice that so many individuals, organisations and governments are working to find solutions to some of the problems which currently face our world. May their cooperation be a sign of hope that answers can be found, and peaceful understanding become a reality.

We rejoice that the voices of migrants, refugees and suffering peoples of our world are increasingly heard. May there be many who will listen and do what they can to create a world where human rights and dignity are respected.

Joyfully looking towards Christmas, we ask you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to be with us in all that we say, think and do. Amen.