Bidding Prayers for Sunday 12th March

Loving Lord, you told the Samaritan woman that you were thirsty and wanted a drink of water. Yet hers was the deeper and more urgent thirst because it was her heart that needed to be filled with your love. We come to you today, knowing that you alone can satisfy our deepest longings.

We are challenged to reach out to people living on the margins of society. May we follow his example of mercy and compassion for those whom society overlooks or ignores.

While many people across the world are experiencing drought, others face floods. May we treasure water, keeping it pure and able to sustain life. May those who search for clean drinking water find the help that they need.

Countless families leave their homes in search of security, peace and a better life, becoming refugees and migrants in unfamiliar countries and cultures. May there be an end to injustice, violence and bloodshed. May there be peace on earth.

Many young people are, at this time, discerning their future careers. May they find wise mentors and discover a path to hope and happiness.

In parishes across the world, people are preparing to receive the sacraments for the first time at the Easter Vigil. May the Holy Spirit guide them into a community of welcome and love.

The current economic crisis has hit hard in our villages, towns and cities. May communities come together to find solutions to the difficulties which they encounter.

Lord of life and hope, fill our hearts with your love. Draw us closer to you and to each other. Amen.