Bidding Prayers for Sunday 12th May

Lord God, Jesus remind us today that your word is truth. We know that your truth lies in the enormous love that you have for each one of us. We come to you as we are, bringing our hopes and dreams and everyone whom we know and love.

We pray for all religious leaders who challenge us to look beyond our own needs and comfort. May we be open to the cries of those who are helpless and have no voice but ours to defend them.

We pray for everyone who is working for peace in the conflict areas of the world. May there be peace in the Middle East, Sudan, Myanmar, Haiti and everywhere where people suffer violence and oppression.

We pray for the peoples trying to cope with the effects of natural disasters. May the people of Brazil and of China find the security and the support that they need to rebuild their homes following the recent floods.

We pray for all those who are preparing for exams. May they have peace of mind and clear thinking so that they may have the results for which they are working and a future full of hope.

We pray for the people of the many countries which will have general elections this year. May the political parties work for justice and for the real needs of the people they are called to serve.

We pray for anyone who does not know what it means to love and to be loved. May they discover the beauty and the meaning of love, both in its giving and its receiving.

Lord God, help us to prepare our hearts for the coming of your Holy Spirit of love so that everything that we say, think and do may be done for love of you and of everyone who will cross our path during the coming week. Amen. ​​