Bidding Prayers for Sunday 12th November

Heavenly Father, help us keep watch and come to meet you in the word of God; in the sacraments and in each other.

We pray for action and prayers for all peoples suffering the consequences of war.  Let us focus on peace and recognise that war is always a defeat.

We pray for all the displaced people in the world. May they feel the shelter of love, compassion, and prayers from the worldwide Chrisitan community. Let us pray for people that are hurting through the devastating effects of war.

We pray for the one million people in England that are on more than one waiting list for treatment as the NHS backlog hits a new record high.

As new rules are unveiled to protect young children on social media, we pray tech firms, schools and parents work together to make children safer on the internet.

We pray for all those that are unhappy in life, whether that be through their personal situation, job, or family life. May the Holy Spirit ease their worries, provide comfort, and reassure them for better days ahead.

We pray for all those that feel on the edge of society and feel neglected, unwelcomed, and unloved. Let us remember that everyone is welcome in the family of God and his love knows no bounds.

We pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Lord, let us always feel the warmth of your love and protection. Help us to reach those in need. Amen.