Bidding Prayers for Sunday 13th August

Loving Lord, Jesus and Peter walked on the water, but Peter sank but he stopped looking at Jesus. Bring us safely to you and support everyone who we carry with us in our prayers today.

We remember all Church leaders as they encourage us to keep looking towards Jesus. Bless them in their mission to lead us to a deeper trust in our amazing God.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, Myanmar, Sudan, Niger, and all countries where human rights take second place to human greed. May governments seek to serve and not to be served.

We remember the people whose lives have recently been affected by drought, wildfires, and floods. May they find the courage that they need to start again and look towards a future of hope.

We remember all those who are facing difficulties in life and struggle to keep going. We pray that they will find the support and encouragement that they need.

We remember everyone who dreams of peace and security whilst surrounded by turmoil and injustice. We pray for understanding and compassion in a world where these are often in short supply.

We remember the young people who took part in World Youth Day in Lisbon last week and those who stayed behind in their own countries. May they be energetic and enthusiastic messengers of hope to everyone around them.

We remember holidaymakers who are trying to relax, sometimes in difficult circumstances. May their holidays be peaceful and joy filled.

Lord God, as you reach out to us and draw us to a place of safety in your love, give us open hearts and minds to trust you and to work with you wherever you may lead. Amen.