Bidding Prayers for Sunday 13th November

Jesus, sometimes we can struggle with our words, help us to remember that the Holy Spirit works in the ear of the listener as well. Help us all to be open to receive and speak the Good News. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

This Remembrance Sunday, we pray for those who have lost their lives due to war and all those who have ever been caught up in conflict. May the Holy Spirit bring comfort to all those who have been traumatised by war and ease the broken hearts of those who mourn lost loved ones.

We pray that our new prime minister will be a fresh start for the government and will rise to the scale of the challenge ahead.

As cancer patients wait longer for treatment in each of the UK nations, we pray that they receive support for living with the day-by-day fear and anxiety over their health and treatment plans.

As 100,000 civil servants vote to strike over pay and conditions, we pray that both the government and unions can talk positively so that people that dedicate their lives to service can feel appreciated and rewarded.

We pray for everyone in this parish community, especially for our clergy. Help us all to keep healthy, well and happy this winter.

With many food banks at breaking point, we pray for families especially those struggling to make ends meet. We pray that those living in poverty gain access to the resources, funds, and aid they need.

Heavenly King, help us to love each other as much as you love us. Amen.