Bidding Prayers for Sunday 14th May

Lord, we know that seeking to get closer to Jesus brings us ever closer to you. Hear our hopes and prayers we place before you.

We pray as we are reminded that, “we need to make every effort to halt the arms race, economic colonialism, the plundering of other people‚Äôs resources, and the devastation of our common home.” 

We pray for King Charles, Defender of the Faith, may his reign be long and prosperous.

As hospitals in England fail to hit key targets to tackle the backlogs in cancer care and routine treatment, we pray for all patients awaiting appointments and therapy.

As UK interest rates rise for the 12th time in a row, we pray for all households that are feeling further pressure and are struggling with the cost of living.

As flash flooding caused disruption in many parts of the UK this week, we pray for all those that experienced weather-related incidents.

We pray for a moment for our own personal prayer life. Help us to dedicate time to follow our own moral and spiritual journey.

Loving Lord, we love and adore you. Your never-ending love and compassion gives us hope. Amen.