Bidding Prayers for Sunday 16th January

Loving Lord, in today’s Gospel we hear Mary instruct us to do whatever Jesus tells us to do. He told us to call you “Father”, knowing that you love us far more than we can possibly imagine. He told us to ask you for our daily needs and so we come before you with our prayers.

We pray for a world that is infected and affected by the Covid pandemic. May the international community come together so that the entire global population can have equal access to essential medical care and vaccines.

We pray for people who are trapped by dictatorships which prevent them from living in religious and political freedom. May they experience respect, dignity and their human rights.

We pray for the many men, women and children across the world who live in conditions of extreme poverty and insecurity. May workers who experience job loss, exploitation and economic uncertainty be given the opportunity to support their families.

We pray for our families, friends, colleagues and all those whom we know and love. May God bless and protect them with health, happiness and safety.

Lord God, you are so great and we are so small. Yet you fill our hearts and lives with your overflowing love. Let everything we think, do and say spread your love to the people around us. Amen.