Bidding Prayers for Sunday 18th December

Bidding Prayers – 18 December 2022 | 4th Sunday of Advent  

Loving Lord, today we hear the story of Christmas, which we will be celebrating next week. We can only imagine Joseph’s anxiety as he searched for a place where Mary could give birth. While we look forward in joy to Christmas, we also know that many people are anxious and in need of help. We pray for all of us, confident that you hear deepest longings.     

Come, Lord Jesus as we remember all religious leaders. May they successfully challenge the world to a greater sense of welcome and compassion for those in need.

Come, Lord Jesus as we remember members of local, national, and international governments. May they build a climate of peace, especially where people are surrounded by warfare and violence.

Come, Lord Jesus into our homes and families. May this Christmas season bring us closer to you and to one another.

Come, Lord Jesus to all who mourn the loss of a loved one. Comfort and support their grieving. We remember the families in Solihull who lost children this week; the families of the migrants who drowned in the Channel and families who are broken apart by the fighting and crime of others.

Come, Lord Jesus into the lives of all who are struggling to make ends meet at this present time. Give them solutions to their difficulties and joy amid their hardship.

Come, Lord Jesus into our hearts as we prepare for Christmas. Watch over and protect those who feel vulnerable and strengthen them with your love.

Come, Lord Jesus to all those who give of their time and energy to help others. Bless and reward them with your joy and peace this Christmas.

Heavenly Father, as we wait for the birth of your son, we ask you to fill us with faith in his promise and love for his people. Amen.