Bidding Prayers for Sunday 18th February

Lord of hope, as Lent begins, you call us to look towards you and to follow you in your gift of love even to those who would later reject it. Today, we bring you ourselves, our world and everyone we know and love, asking you to teach us to become ever more loving.

We pray for all religious leaders. May they inspire many people to join them in trying to end the many conflicts which divide communities and countries across our world.

We pray for the millions of people who are trapped in situations of warfare and violence. May the perpetrators have a change of heart and, instead, work for the welfare and security of all those whose lives they threaten.

We pray for peacemakers, wherever they may live and work. May they carry hope into situations which might seem hopeless.

We pray for families. May they grow in love and understanding for each other and be an example to the people around them. May those who are struggling in the present economic situation find the support and the courage that they need.

We pray for farmers and all those who work to put food on our tables. May Spring promise good planting and a good harvest in the months ahead. May those who work with livestock celebrate new life and hope in their flocks and herds.

We pray for children and young people. May their enthusiasm for life bring joy to the people around them. We pray that those who are sitting exams will find the patience they need to study to the best of their abilities.

We pray for ourselves. May our hearts be open to the Lord throughout the coming days of Lent.

Loving Lord, be with us as Lent begins. Stay with us and teach us to love you and the people around us. God of our lives, be the God of our love. Amen.