Bidding Prayers for Sunday 18th September

Amazing God, during the past few days, we’ve seen families, countries and the world united in marking the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the succession of King Charles III to the throne. We long for a unity which is in love for you and for our neighbour as we bring our prayers before you.

We pray for the successful outcome of the Pope’s visit to Kazakhstan and his meeting with the world’s religious leaders. May they help to bring peace and reconciliation wherever there is division and misunderstanding.

We pray for the gifts of eternal life and peace for Queen Elizabeth, whose life of dedicated service was sustained by her faith in a loving and faithful God. As we prepare for her funeral tomorrow, may her example shine in the world as a beacon of hope.

We pray for King Charles III, who takes up the throne at the same time as he grieves the loss of his mother. May her inspiration sustain him in the responsibilities which are now his and may he have the support and comfort that he needs at this time.

We pray for the Royal Family as they mourn the death of a beloved family member, and we also pray for all families who have lost someone they love. May they know comfort and hope in their sorrow.

We pray for peace and reconciliation in all the countries which are torn apart by violence and injustice, remembering Ukraine, the people of the Horn of Africa, China and the Middle East. May the Prince of Peace reign in our world.

We pray for people whose lives have been turned upside-down by natural disasters. As they deal with floods, wildfires, and drought, may they find the courage and strength they need to rebuild their lives.

We pray for families who are supporting a family member in a new school, college, university, apprenticeship, or employment. May it be a time of togetherness, laughter, and joy.

Loving God, live in our hearts and lives. Fill us with your love. Amen.