Bidding Prayers for Sunday 19th February

Dear Lord, help us to see the good in all people, help us to be beacons of Christian joyfulness as we try to make you proud. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for all the people of Turkey and Syria as the devastating earthquake continues to cause chaos, uncertainty and desolation. We particularly pray for the countless bodies still trapped under the wreckage of their former homes and those unidentified, buried in mass graves.

We pray for the children and family of Nicola Bulley. We pray for all those who are missing, abandoned, isolated and alone. May the Holy Spirit draw them close.

We pray for all those feeling unwell and those living in pain. May they receive the help and support they need and remain hopeful for better, brighter days ahead.

We pray for all those experiencing change. Change can sometimes feel daunting and become a source of worry, however, we pray those undergoing newness feel invigorated and excited for what lies ahead.

As we approach the special season of Lent, we pray for a moment, in quiet contemplation, for our own personal petitions…

Amazing God, fill us with your love. Help us to put your law of love into practice in our lives. May you live and love in us forever and ever. Amen.