Bidding Prayers for Sunday 19th June

Holy Father, you bless the commonplace and transform it for us. You take water, bread, wine; the love we have for each other; and make them immensely more important. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

Today, we pray for all fathers. Let us give thanks to all fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, relationships, and children, mindful to both the joys and sacrifices. Let us praise those men who have “fathered” us in any capacity as mentors and guides. We especially thank the father of this parish.

We pray for all Ukrainians that are trapped and seeking aid, many of whom are women, children, and the elderly. May UN agencies reach those in need safely.  

As NHS waiting lists are at an all-time high, we pray for patients that are waiting to receive treatment and those that have dedicated their working life to the care of others.

As temperatures soar, we pray for the beauty and joy we experience in our natural world. Let us remember those that live in constant heat, with little access to food and clean water, reminding us to be grateful for all we have.

We pray for couples that are soon to enter the sacrament of marriage. May their union be a source of joy and delight for their families and may their married life be filled with love, patience, and happiness.

We pray for all students that are currently undertaking exams. May their hard work and dedication be rewarded and may their future learning path be one of excitement and success.

Lord God, help us to remember that your Holy Spirit will always be with us. Amen