Bidding Prayers for Sunday 19th September

Lord God, you are the light of the world. We follow you knowing you provide us with the light of life. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

Let us pray for Governments, organisations, and communities as they prepare to introduce plans for tackling Covid this winter. We pray that such measures will keep case numbers down and hospital admissions low.

We pray for international donors to restart aid to Afghanistan as the United Nations warn of a “looming catastrophe”.

As price rises see a record jump in food costs we pray for all those in the UK that are hungry, unable to put food on their table, and living in poverty. Let us remember them this winter and do all we can to support those in our local community that need our help.

Let us pray for all those embarking on a change in life, be that a new career, house move, relationship status or a new hobby. Helps us to be open to change, to learn new skills and work on our own inner self to utilise the gifts God granted us. 

Let us pray for those that are unwell and living with chronic pain. May the Holy Spirit infuse them with love, comfort and hope for better days ahead.

We pray for those who are ill, and those who care for them.  

Judy Bolt, Sue and Dennis Evans, Michael Burt, Amanda & Hugh, Sally Rivett, Jacky Williams, Lizzy Laverty,  Mark Knott, Julian Richardson,  Ian & Susie Maslin . Sandra Baxter-Brown, Jamie & Claire.

Heavenly King, we are your servants. We praise and glorify you. Guide us to live happy, healthy lives. Amen.