Bidding Prayers for Sunday 1st August

Lord God, Jesus promised us that whoever comes to him will never be hungry and that those who believe in him will never be thirsty. You know that our world is starving for love and is thirsting for the compassion and understanding which are your gift. In humility, we stand before you, confident that you understand our prayers even before we speak.

Let us pray for all those involved in the Olympics and Paralympics. May their willingness to give of their best inspire others to follow their example.

Let us pray for Governments and organisations as they plan for the climate change conference in Glasgow in November. May their planning be guided by wisdom and sensitivity towards our beautiful and often broken world.

Let us pray for families during these summer holidays. May their time together bring them closer together in love, understanding and happiness.

Let us pray for all those whose lives have been turned upside-down by flooding, wildfires, drought and other natural disasters. May they experience the support and love that they need in order to face the future with courage and hope.

Let us pray for ourselves as the country tries to leave behind the hardships of the covid pandemic. May the lessons we have learned as a result of covid help us to be ever more compassionate, understanding and respectful towards others.

Lord of life and love, be with us. Stay with us. Guide us towards you and each other. Amen.