Bidding Prayers for Sunday 1st May

Lord, we hear in today’s Gospel that Peter protested his love three times and received the responsibility for looking after the human flock for whom Jesus had died. Today, we bring before our Good Shepherd, the needs of our troubled world.

We pray for all religious leaders who are working for peace. May their efforts to unite people in understanding and dialogue help to bring an end to fighting and bloodshed.

We pray for the people of Ukraine and for the Russians who are opposing the war. May suffering, violence and homelessness come to an end so that hope will be reborn, and freedom restored.

We pray for people who are struggling with rising costs and economic difficulties. May they find encouragement, support, and workable solutions to their problems.

We pray for all travellers during the Bank Holiday weekend. May they travel safely and find joy and laughter on their way.

We pray for young people who are making big decisions about their futures at this present time. May they have the courage and the wise support to follow their hopes and dreams.

We pray for children, whose laughter and joy keep hope alive in our world. May children who are abused or neglected find someone who truly loves and protects them.

Loving Lord, fill our hearts with love and hope. Help us to bring peace and joy to the people around us. Walk with us in all that we say, think and do. Amen.