Bidding Prayers for Sunday 1st October

Loving Father, we are your sheep, we listen to your voice. We come to you with open hearts knowing you will hear the prayers we place before you.

We pray for all to “Remember your brothers and sisters of Ukraine, forced to leave their war-torn homeland, who seek help, refuge and goodwill”. We keep them in our prayers.

As the cost-of-living crisis leads to painful choices for many households facing soaring food and energy prices, we pray for all those that are hungry, anxious, and afraid. May they find the support and resources they need.

We pray for all parents and grandparents as they guide and protect children, teaching them good values so that they feel supported through life. May we appreciate parents and recognise the huge role they play in creating a caring society.

As numbers of the UK’s most precious animals and plants continue to fall, due to a countrywide nature-loss crisis, we pray the government commits to increasing the amount of habitat for nature to thrive.

Let us take the time to appreciate the beauty around us and do all we can do protect and restore our common home.

We pray for a moment for our own personal petitions…

Lord, we look to you for answers, we hear your call. Help us to be guided by your son Jesus Christ. Amen.