Bidding Prayers for Sunday 20th August

Dear Lord, we are your sheep. Let us hear your voice and follow you. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for the Lord’s words for us to “take heart” and fear not. Let us remember our faith always accompanies us and is ready to save us from the “headwinds and turbulent waters” life brings us.

We pray for our young people. May they dream big, promote a culture of care, and be champions of a society of togetherness.

We pray for those that feel uncertain, worried, and unsure of their future. May they be guided to live a full life, steered by God, and to accept the advice of good counsellors.

As wildfires burn in Tenerife, Canada, and Portugal amid the warning of ‘alarming’ speed of climate change, we pray politicians do not abandon the fight against global warming.

We pray for the sick and housebound, may they receive the help and support they need to experience better days ahead.

As students patiently await the arrival of GCSE grades, we pray that whatever results they receive will enthuse and excite them for a happy and bright future ahead.

Lord Jesus, we know that sometimes it will be hard to keep on following you. Help us to remember that your Holy Spirit is always with us. Amen