Bidding Prayers for Sunday 21st April

Lord God, you call us to follow you and you care for us at each step of our journey, even when the going is tough. We bring our prayers before you, knowing that you love us more than we can possibly imagine.

We remember all religious leaders. May they be good shepherds of their flocks and bring people closer to God and to each other.

We remember world governments, especially those which are torn apart by conflicting ideals and a lack of care for human rights. May they respect the dignity, values and needs of the people they are called to serve.

We remember farmers whose land and livelihood has been threatened by bad weather, floods, drought and insufficient resources. May they have the courage to continue their vital work on our behalf. May they be supported when times are difficult.

We remember students who are preparing for exams. May they have the insight and perseverance that they will need in the days to come.

We remember all those who are involved in the caring professions and emergency services. May they be blessed for the generous dedication and compassion which they show to the people for whom they care.

We remember families, especially those who are struggling. May they find solutions to their difficulties and may they grow in love for each other.

Lord God, be with us. Stay with us and bring us safely home to you. Amen.