Bidding Prayers for Sunday 21st January

Loving Lord, we have just celebrated Christmas, when your Word was born in our midst as a human baby. Today, we thank you for speaking in our language and to the people of our times. We bring you ourselves and all the needs of our beautiful but often suffering world.

We remember all religious leaders who proclaim God’s message of hope to our world. May the Word of God inspire them in their leadership and encourage many people to follow their example.

We remember everyone who works in local, national and international governance. May the Word of God help them to promote justice, understanding, compassion and peace.

We remember teachers and catechists as they work to bring the Word of God into the lives of the people they meet. Watch over, bless and protect them, especially those who risk their lives to carry the Gospel to the people they serve.

We remember parents and grandparents as they care for children and young people. May the Word of God inspire their love and help them in their great responsibilities.

We remember all those who live in areas of conflict and injustice. May the Word of God touch their hearts and bring life and hope into their struggles.

We remember rough sleepers and all those who, for whatever reason, have no home. May the Word of God help them to find compassion and the support that they need to overcome their difficulties.

Word of God, living and true, touch our hearts and lives and set us on fire with love for you and each other. Amen.