Bidding Prayers for Sunday 21st May

Jesus, Lord, you are amazing! In today’s Gospel, knowing that people would soon be howling for your death, you asked your Father to protect us. Lord, that is love beyond anything that we can imagine! Yet, confident in your love, we come before you with our prayers.

We remember to act with tenderness, mercy and compassion. May we see your presence in others, even in the most unexpected people.

We remember the innocent victims of violence within our own society and across the world. May they find the understanding and support that they need to build a new life.

We remember ourselves when it’s hard to go the extra mile in helping someone in need of kindness. May our eyes and our hearts be opened to reach out to others even when our generosity inconveniences us.

We remember those who do not know what it is to love or to be loved. May they find someone who touches their heart and comforts them.

We remember the many people who give of themselves without looking for a reward. May they be blessed for their kindness and compassion.

We remember the people who we know and love. May they know the joy of many friends.

God of life and love, bring us closer to you and to each other. Amen.