Bidding Prayers for Sunday 21st November

Christ’s kingdom is not of this world. It is a kingship of love and service which will never pass away because its power comes from God.

We pray for all bishops, priests and deacons, that they may set an example for serving Christ’s kingdom over the powers of this world.

We pray for those in government and positions of power, that they may act with wisdom and compassion in accordance with the Word.

We pray for those in the health service as we enter the difficult winter season and that, with COVID still among us, we may do what we can to ease that burden.

We pray for all young people with physical or mental health problems: may they be given the help and support they need.

As the winter approaches, we think of all those who sleep rough, are homeless or without adequate shelter; may those around them notice their plight and be generous with compassion, time and money.

Father God, we know that you are always ready to hear us, so we ask you to hear our prayer now. Amen.