Bidding Prayers for Sunday 22nd August

Holy Lord, help us to be guided by Jesus, your son, our bread of life. We give forever thanks to you for rewarding us with eternal life. Hear our prayers.

We pray the prayer intention for the month of August, inviting everyone to work for a transformation of the Church – a work that begins with “a reform of ourselves” through an experience of prayer, charity, and service, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We pray for the thousands in Afghanistan who are desperately trying to flee the country after the Taliban insurgency. May the many families, especially those with children, living in makeshift camps in Kabul, be kept safe and delivered aid in their hour of need.

We pray for children that are about to embark on starting school in September. May their first experience on their educational ladder be a happy and joy-filled one. We also remember those starting secondary school, college, and university, may all their days be enthused by the Holy Spirit.

We pray for those caring for loved ones. Let us recognise their dedication and all-consuming love and compassion as they commit their time and care for those in need.

As a new landmark climate report alerts ‘A code red for humanity’, with the global warming limit to be hit within 20 years, let us pray that we can all take responsible action into ways we can personally protect our common home.

We remember all those that are poorly and unwell. Whether in hospital, waiting for an operation or awaiting test results, we pray that those suffering will receive the support, care, and attention they need to live pain free lives.

Lord, you are the living bread that came down from heaven, we place our faith in you. Amen.