Bidding Prayers for Sunday 22nd May

Lord Jesus, help us to feel the peace of God wherever we go. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for vulnerable children in Ukraine who are suffering and often targeted for human trafficking. As the war in Ukraine wages on, we pray for the 6 million refugees that have been forced to flee, many of whom are children.

We pray for those struggling financially as prices in the UK have already risen by 9% over the last year – the highest rate of inflation for 40 years. May those that are troubled receive the financial aid they require.

As scientists say the world is experiencing significant impacts due to global warming, such as the unprecedented wildfires seen in North America last year and the drastic heatwaves currently hitting India and Pakistan, we pray that world leaders will take action to save our common home.

During the month of May, we pray to be more like the Blessed Virgin Mary. Just as Mary allowed herself to be led by God’s grace throughout her life, help us to become the perfect disciples we are destined to be.

As we approach The Ascension of the Lord, we pray for those that have departed this world and are seated at the right hand of the Father. May they be enjoying the blessings of eternal life.

Lord Jesus, help us to be witnesses of the transformation you make in our lives. Remind us of your love and let us be ready to do what you ask of us. Amen.