Bidding Prayers for Sunday 22nd October

On this World Mission Sunday, we are challenged to have our “Hearts on fire and feet on the move” as we remember the Church in vulnerable parts of the world. Loving Lord, you call us to have our hearts on fire with love and to be willing to walk towards those who are struggling So we bring our prayers to you.

We pray for the innocent victims of war. May there be an end to hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians, Russia and Ukraine, and all parts of the world where there is suffering and bloodshed.

We pray for all those in local, national, and international governance. May they work for the good of the people they are called to serve and help to build a world of justice and peace.

We pray for those who are struggling, for whatever reason, to find the means of survival. May they find answers to their questions and solutions to their difficulties.

We pray for the Church in vulnerable parts of the world. May it support people in their faith and help them to build a future of hope. May we be with them in solidarity and compassion.

We pray for ourselves and all those who we know and love. May our hearts be on fire with love and may we be ready to reach out to the people who are most in need of our help.

Lord of life and hope, bring us closer to you and to each other in all that we say, think and do. Amen.