Bidding Prayers for Sunday 23rd October

Lord of life and love, as we celebrate World Mission Sunday, we remember that we are called to spread the good news of your love for all humanity. We come before you with our prayers for the people we know and for those whom we don’t know but who are equally in need of your care.

We pray for all religious leaders on World Mission Sunday. May they inspire many people across the world to a greater sense of responsibility for those who live where the Church is young and in need of our support.

We pray for missionaries and for all who work to spread the Gospel, perhaps in places where there is opposition. Give them the courage and insight to bring the Gospel message into all cultures and communities in ways that are relevant and meaningful.

We pray for everyone who is experiencing hardship through warfare, violence or natural disasters. We ask for peace and justice in Ukraine, Myanmar, China and the Middle East. May the people of Somalia and Pakistan find the support that they need to rebuild their lives.

We pray for our country and Government. May our politicians work together for the good of those who are most in need of employment, housing, education and fair payment for their work.

We pray for those who find life a struggle for whatever reason. May they find inspiration and hope in the people around them.

We pray for the men, women and children who bring beauty into the lives of others. May their gifts and talents be blessed so that they cause an epidemic of happiness to burst into our world.

Lord God, you created a beautiful world and called us to cherish and nurture its loveliness. Help us to spread your fragrance everywhere so that World Mission Sunday might truly proclaim your love to all peoples, regardless of their differences in nationality, language, culture and social status. We make our prayer knowing that you are with us forever and always. Amen.