Bidding Prayers for Sunday 24th April

Jesus, even though we cannot see and touch you, we feel you amongst us today and every day. Hear our prayers we bring before you.

We pray for reconciliation and peace to prevail over war and division. Let us remember victims of war and all those currently suffering around the world and allow the peace of Christ to enter our lives, our homes, and our countries.

Amid the ongoing Russian attacks on Ukraine, we pray that Western leaders come together to further assist and support the people of Ukraine and all those, in neighbouring counties, that are providing care and shelter.            

We think of those around the globe facing poverty. We pray for those dealing with human catastrophe and lack of nutrition. May governments step up and create political change, so food, clean water and shelter are available to all people.

As we glorify the Risen Lord, we give thanks for all the love and joy we find in our everyday lives. This Easter, help us to be better people, embodying Christian virtues to all those we encounter.

Heavenly Father, our faith commitment is a sign of you working in our lives. We believe in you and give forever 

thanks for all you have done, and continue to do, for us. Amen.